what’s this layered elegance [LAICHAN | SINGAPORE FASHION WEEK 2017]

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How much would we be able to say about this look – the answer is: not much.

That’s because it speaks for itself. c&d loves the cultural fusion that seems to be happening here, with a mandarin collar, long-sleeves, cuts into the shirt that seem very oriental and the way the top – peach-coloured! – is just half-slotted into a sleek skirt. Honestly, the design on the shirt is loud – loud with bits of borrowed blossoms and meaning – and the skirt just seems to stream-line and coordinate the top.

c&d would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to tuck the shirt into jeans or a skirt of our own.


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Another look – it doesn’t scream for attention with its very muted red tone, but rather causes the spectator to sit there and admire it. The two layers that are subject to LAICHAN’s styling and layering are wonderfully-matched. Sometimes they say less is more, but it’s designs like these that give c&d the thought that maybe more … is more. The outerwear is beautifully gauzy, and the design of the it seems to be borrowed from fantasy/elfin realms, which makes the cultural exchange between myth and oriental so, so much richer.


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The colours are simply amazing – pleasant to the eye and completely functional. The bright cyan performs its function as a light, airy colour that lends just enough extravaganza to the outfit of muted yellow/gold and dark red. The mandarin collar reminds us that LAICHAN’s work finds its place in the most elegant of cheong sams and qi paos, bearing the signature collar that’s slightly rumpled, here. Was the intention to give us the impression of casual, effortless glamour?

It’s working, because c&d finds that the glamourous, chic vibe that the model is bringing forth with this look feels pretty accessible and comfortable. The clothes are representative of practicality and function in this look, and for the modern woman who wishes to stay true to her roots or appreciate the diversity and fusion of several cultures – c&d finds this look a masterpiece.


i think i like it tho- (1)

c&d’s absolute PICKS. these look amazing. Really rich with the flavours of Asian-culture mixed with modern-wear, and really back home. c&d hails from a South-East Asian country and these designs channel the same sort of precious, ceremonial vibe that we find ourselves familiar with very often – when we learnt about Peranakan history or watched Little Nonya, or watched a loved one get married.


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This particular fit seems to be the deviant – in two ways.

Firstly, the cut is different: while the other looks, we appraise for bringing back memories of precious and invaluable ceremonies and traditional celebrations, they only give such a vibe because of the flowing fabric, the effect of having MORE layers and LONGER layers artfully slipped over one another. This one gives off a more….MODERN vibe. The slit in the centre of the pale green innerwear that hangs out beneath the vest looks like a cutout from an office shirt, sleeves chopped nicely to frame the model’s arms. the vest itself is translucent, sheer, almost, which is a trend that’s really in-trend right now. (Check out lots of online shops and this guy’s particular Instagram). The shimmering fabric, heavy with embroidery and details., contrasting with such a simple and pale-coloured shirt that looks almost like a dress shirt with no personality – the sleeves’ cut saves it- kinda lets us know that we could wear this for a day to night transition.

That’s for the cut.

The overall look, the way it’s’ been matched together and transposed from the drawing board to the amazing model really exudes a different kind of feeling from the previous fits of LAICHAN’s collection.

You see, c&d feels that if the outfit was dissected, only the pale green inner-wear would give off the “modern” woman vibe – representing the woman who goes to work in her heels and her hair neat, she’s made herself a place in the glass doors of her building and also put the C in capable – but the rest of the fit screams something else.

At first glance, the skirt, which, by the way, is absolutely beautiful with its yellow-blue palette – the skirt did get c&d thinking it was part of an extra-dressy, extra-cultural office-wear collection, for the pencil skirt seems to have lent its design. Upon closer look at the main pictures of the model and this other picture below, the skirt looks extra special. c&d loves how the slit at the back is right at where it is, cutting into the blue-flower neatly. The material looks loose and non-restricting, and we’re thinking how wonderful it’d be to walk in such a skirt. It scores points for both practicality and aesthetics – and also for unpredictability, because while it ISN’T A PENCIL SKIRT, it still looks like SOMETHING YOU’D WEAR TO THE OFFICE for that extra pop of colour into your routine.

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This is just amazing. The first set of ‘pants’ that c&d saw in LAICHAN’s display at Singapore Fashion Week , and right away the fit seemed to be one for a powerful woman. Usually, shimmery pants turn c&d off because c&d just doesn’t feel like they deserve to be wrapping around sweaty legs, but LAICHAN pulls it off beautifully and carefully, matching the shimmer of the pants with nude and simple shoes.

We can’t forget the fact that the pants are so wonderfully topped off with the signature cape-like, flowy garment that curves around the model’s arms. The little peek of floral does seem a little out of place in the design – which, to c&d, mainly channels the vibes of power in Asia or Egypt, what with the detailled ‘caps’ around the model’s shoulders. We’re actually wondering what the floral bit is  meant to be – it sort of interrupts the whole image of a powerful and Middle-Eastern/South-East-Asian cultural version of a cape/outer-wear.



We’d just like to say that this analysis and edit of LAICHAN’s runway has taught c&d a lot:

  • Culture can be shared and is not limited through the sharing of food but ALSO design,
  • Powerful designs catch the eyes #FreshEyes #NewLook. also,
  • WordPress doesn’t have ‘Peranakan’ in a “correct” word. Hmm.

On a closing note, c&d has learnt very much from LAICHAN’s collection this SIngapore Fashion Week – of course, all photos are from their Facebook and you can find out more about the wonderful designer here.


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